Tuesday, 22 January 2013

My Recent Buys

Hi guys! Today I'd like to share a few of my recent buys. Not just beauty and/or clothes, this time it's a little bit of everything! Some of you might remember that I'm currently looking for my own place, so whenever I see something cute, cheap or actually useful I just have to get it. Well, I'm not buying furniture or anything big yet, but things like teacups, mugs, bowls etc. are not safe! ;)  Above you can see my latest treasures, although the Hello Kitty mug was actually a Christmas gift from my sister. (She knows me so well). By the way, the weather over here is really driving me nuts again, taking a decent picture is nearly impossible. Maybe I should look for a home somewhere warm and sunny? :P

Let's start with my new clothes! I love H&M, especially when there's a sale. Winter is far from over, so I bought a cute pink jumper and a pink cardigan to keep me warm.

I'm a little obsessed with cake pops at the moment, so far I bought 2 books with recipes but I'm sure more books will follow! Above you can see my favourite one (from Bakerella, she definitely knows how to inspire people!).

Although the other recipe book I got is quite cute too, I just love cake pops! ;)

A few beauty essentials. I got a new day cream, night cream and some make-up remover.

I also needed new cotton pads. Unfortunately I could only find the very big ones (you can see them on the right, you get less cotton pads but they're twice as expensive of course). When I got home I found out that my mum also bought me cotton pads (in the right size), lucky me! Oh, and on the left you can see a hair turban. It's supposed to help your hair dry quicker, so I can't wait to try it out. I have pretty long hair and it takes forever to dry.

Above you can see little shoe cushions and a hip skirt. I got the shoe cushions because I work at a bakery a couple of days a week and then I'm always standing on my feet for quite a few hours and rushing around. At the end of the day my feet always felt super sore! I've been using the shoe cushions for a couple of weeks now and I'm super happy that I got them, my feet hurt a lot less now. The hip skirt was a bit of a random purchase, my sister really wanted one and I decided to give it a try as well. :)

A couple of days ago my mother surprised me with two little Hello Kitty photo albums, love them! (Yeah, when people buy me a gift they tend to go for something Hello Kitty ish).

I'm no longer a student, but I like to keep on studying so a couple of weeks ago I ordered A LOT of books. Above you can see the two I'm most excited about. I'm currently reading the one on the left, a book full of facts and fables about food. Super interesting! I'm sure I'll like the other one too, it's about psychology and food. I feel like such a nerdy dietitian...

Speaking about dietitian stuff, I like to carry a lot of stuff around (books, notebooks, my agenda, files etc.) because I like to be prepared. However, there was a bit of a problem. I don't actually have my own office (yet) and carrying a lot of things around is absolutely no fun. The solution? A wheeled suitcase! I can't believe I never purchased one before. I have a ''cabin model'' by Liv in navy (it even comes with a laptop bag). This suitcase was actually a Christmas present from my parents and I'm super happy with it. It would have been my best friend during college, no doubt!

A toast to the inventor of wheeled suitcases! 

Last but not least: Nivea has awesome body lotion and deodorant. Personally I'm a huge fan of roll-on deodorant, I'm pretty sure nobody likes to stand next to someone when they're spraying deodorant all over the place. The Nivea body lotion is just nice and basic, I'm currently in a ''don't want to smell like candy'' phase so in stead of using my sweet scented lotions, I grab this one. It has a neutral scent but keeps my skin hydrated and smooth, perfect!

What is your most recent buy?


Vicki said...

The Hello Kitty photo albums are cute. Cake pops are fab, they are so fun to make.

Evelien said...

Leuke dingen, ik houd van je Hello Kitty aankopen! <3

Nancy Willium said...

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