Monday, 24 December 2012

How to: Reindeer Cakepops

A couple of weeks ago I purchased a cakepop maker (I'll show a picture below) and since that moment I've been a little addicted to making cakepops. Don't know what cakepops are? They're basically a lollipop made of cake. You can decorate them in countless ways, and today Carina and I decided to make Reindeer cakepops! The pictures didn't turn out so great because the weather wasn't really cooperating (thanks, silly Winter) but they still look super cute in my opinion! ;)

So this is my cakepop maker, the pink Babycakes. I believe I paid about 30 euro for it. It can make 12 cakepops within 5-7 minutes and it's also super easy to clean. The cakepop maker came with a few recipes, a handy fork tool, a few cake pop sticks and an useful cakepop cooling/decoration stand for the cakepops.

But enough about the popcake maker, let's take a look at some more pictures!

Hello Rudolph!

And hi...little nameless brown-nosed reindeer!

Rudolph is definitely my favourite, I'm surprised that huge nose didn't fall off though.

In case you're wondering that I used to make these: for the body I used a random cupcake mix (I actually used two flavours, chocolate and cheesecake) and made the cakepops using the cakepop maker. Then I covered the little cake balls with chocolate glaze. For the antlers and legs I used Alphabet letter pretzels. The noses are made of crispy M&M's and the eyes are made of little white chocolate crispies with a dot of the brown chocolate glaze in the middle. We pretty much ''glued'' everything together using the melted chocolate.

I don't know why, but those silly reindeer cakepops definitely make me smile! I love baking and I adore cute stuff, and making cakepops like these combines those two things perfectly.

Are you already familiar with cakepops? If someone knows a cute recipe (or inspiration picture) feel free to leave a comment!


Jolet said...

Aah, how cute!

eight said...

Wow, these are so cute! You're talented!

Evelien said...

Ohhh, how CUTE! ^_^ Die wil ik zeker eens namaken.. heb nu 2x popcakes gemaakt, dus variatie kan een keertje geen kwaad ipv altijd die eeuwige strooisels erover heen ;)

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