Tuesday, 7 February 2012

kitten...uhmm, catupdate!

Yes, our little bad boys are almost 11 months old now, so they are definitely not kittens anymore ;) Time goes really fast, I'll never forget that moment when I saw them for the first time, it feels like yesterday! Beau is starting to look a lot like Lara (our other Ragdoll) and sometimes it's hard to keep them apart, although Beau is a lot more vocal :P He also hates getting brushed, which is something I didn't expect because he never looked scared/uncomfortable before (as a kitten he was never afraid of our dogs and never surprised by loud noises or anything else). And Ben? Ben started showing a bit of an 'unpleasant habit' a couple of weeks ago...spraying urine. He only does it in my room and we're not sure if it's something temporarily (maybe he felt stressed?) or not, but for now I just keep the door of my bedroom closed. Other than that he's a super sweet cat, a whole lot less vocal than his big brother and he doesn't mind getting brushed at all. He's quite the charmer when he wants some attention! I've added a couple more pictures below, including Lara of course. She's also part of the cat family, although she is such a well-behaved cat that I don't really have anything new to tell about her..she's playful and sleeps a lot ;)

They got so big! Don't think their cat tunnel still fits to be honest ;)


My sister holding Ben


 Ben and Beau (yup, they're very intimate brothers)


 Beau and Mr. Mouse

Ben playing




 Beau and Ben

I wish I could take all of the cats with me when I get my own place (I plan to move out after I graduate), but their home is here and I could never afford all that cat food :P It would be tempting to get my own cat though, I really like the red/flame point Ragdoll. A girl of course, so I could eventually introduce her to Ben/Beau ;)

Do you have any pets?



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