Monday, 5 September 2011

DIY: Yogurt & Honey Mask

The Vanilla & Honey lip scrub from a couple of days ago wasn't my only DIY project, I also made a yogurt mask (with some honey and olive oil)! I read that yogurt is very good for sensitive skin, so I couldn't wait to give this DIY mask a try. I always get my facial masks from the store, so a cheaper and perhaps even better option was more than welcome!

You will need:

A table spoon and a bowl
1 tbs of yogurt
1 tbs of honey
a few drops of olive oil
(old foundation brush)

Time to mix everything together!

Next time I want to use a thicker kind of yogurt, because we (my sister joined my little project) ended up with a bit of a 'see-through' mask. We applied the mask with an old foundation brush and left it on for about 20 minutes before we washed our face. After using the mask my skin felt super soft! Even the next day it felt really soft and my skin looked a bit brighter than usual. I'm definitely going to use this mask more often! I love eating yogurt, so I'm happy that I can use it for my face as well ;)



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