Wednesday, 3 August 2011

New phone! HTC ChaCha

Finally, my new cellphone arrived! My 'old' phone (A white Samsung Galaxy) has been driving me crazy for quite a while now. The camera wouldn't work properly anymore, the battery life was worthless (it needed to be recharged after 11 hours of doing absolutely nothing. No music, internet, phone calls...nothing!) and the touch screen was very annoying. For some reason I'm not a huge fan of touch screens, so I definitely wanted a new phone with a proper keyboard. I wanted a Blackberry at first, but because I didn't want to spend that much money on a phone, I decided to go for a HTC ChaCha. Reviewing cell phones is not really my department, but if you're interested in getting to know more about the HTC ChaCha you can find a review here. I'll show a couple of more pictures below!

I planned to get my hands on the black or purple version, but unfortunately they could only offer me the silver one. (And with 'they' I mean every website and store I could find). I was disappointed at first, but that feeling disappeared as soon as I saw the phone, it's so much better than my old one! I definitely like the 5MP camera and the audio quality, the keyboard is very nice as well! The Facebook button is not really that important to me, but the phone works perfectly with other social websites such as Twitter.

My 3 phone cases arrived as well, so I can prettify the phone right away! If you haven't seen my 'DIY Cell phone case' post yet, you can find it over here.

What kind of cellphone do you have?



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