Tuesday, 30 August 2011

My 'Back to College' look

Hey everyone! I thought it would be fun to show my basic everyday make-up, this is how I do my make-up when I go to class and stuff. (Although technically I'm not going back to college, I'll work in a hospital as a researcher for a couple of months, which is all part of my thesis). This is basically a 'my face but better' look, perfect for school or work!

Here you can see my face without any make-up and how it looks when I wear my everyday make-up. It's pretty much the difference between 'hey...are you sick today?' and 'oh, you look pretty!'. Even though I don't mind walking around with no make-up at home or in a grocery store, I love how it can make me look healthier. Below you can see what I do to prettify myself!

-I start with applying day cream and eye cream
-I fill my eyebrows in with Maowi (a taupe), which is a shade from the Essential Eye palette.
-I apply the L'oréal True Match foundation with a sponge (on bad days, I use the Superstay foundation from Maybelline as a concealer first)
-I line my upper lash line with Black Bear (black), it's from the same palette as Maowi
-Then I use Ting (very light beige, same palette again) all over my eyelid & browbone, and add a bit of Maowi in the crease
-I curl my lashes and apply mascara
-I apply a blush (I love using Adorable from Essence) and set my make-up with a bit of powder
-I finish the look with a nude-ish lipstick, such as Lazy Day from MAC

As you can see, the eyes look really simple. If I'm in a rush I just skip the eyeshadow, but I always line my lash line because it defines my eyes and gives them that little bit extra. 

What does your everyday make-up look like?



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