Monday, 8 August 2011

FOTD: Robot Love

Hi guys! It's time for a brand-new FOTD post ;) If you wonder how I come up with my 'FOTD names': they're totally random. I usually take a look at the colours I used most (in this case pink and gray) and then sooner or later, a fitting name will pop up! Today's look is a bit unusual for me because I rarely use gray eyeshadow. Most of the time I feel like it makes my make-up look dull, although I quite like it in combination with the bright pink blush and lipcolour!

A close-up of the eyes, the eyeshadow looks quite simple but thanks to the false eyelashes the eyes are still a little dramatic. I mainly used the 'Oh so special' palette (Glitz, Noir and Gateau), with a bit of matte white as an highlighter. I added a bit of white eye pencil on the waterline as well to make the eyes stand out and to give them a bit of a cold/unnatural touch.

On my lips I'm wearing a lip product I absolutely love: the Sleek Wonderlast lipgloss in Pink Parakeet. It's even brighter in real life! On the cheeks I have another Sleek product: a blush in Pixie Pink, a very sweet and pretty colour. Proper reviews will follow very soon!



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