Saturday, 6 August 2011

Early birthday presents

Just a few more days (until 6:AM, August 11 to be very precise) and then I can call myself a 20-year-old girl! Unfortunately I can't stay a 19-year-old forever, I even told my family that I'd just skip my birthday this year but they wouldn't listen at all :P Okay, turning 20 is far from getting old, but it already sounds very mature to me and I know that a lot of changes are coming closer and closer. Good changes of course, it has always been my goal to turn into a confident & independent lady someday. I want to keep on expanding my knowledge and travel to see more of the world, so I'm ready for my twenties!

But let's move on to the gifts I received before I really start to ramble! ;) They're all early birthday presents from a fellow make-up lover living in the UK. Below I'll show my unexpected but very awesome gifts!

A lot of goodies from Sleek! I'm a huge fan of their eyeshadow palettes but I haven't tried a lot of their other products yet (besides the nail polish I believe). I already experimented with a couple of things and there are definitely a few hits and misses in my opinion. But I'll share the details when I post the proper reviews!

Palettes! I'm so excited about these two palettes: the quite famous 'Oh so special' one and the colourful Curacao palette. I hope you're not sick of seeing these pop up on beauty blogs, because I'm definitely going to review & swatch those beauties!

Another love: Nail paints from Barry M. The names are 'Dusky Mauve' and 'Indigo'. I'm currently wearing Dusky Mauve and I really like it! (I don't have anything similar in my collection). The nail paints from Barry M dry fast and are so easy to apply, they're definitely my favourite nail polish brand at the moment.

It's pink, sparkles and has a bunny on my new watch from Playboy! I usually wear classic black or silver watches, so this is quite a change for me. I like that it's not too pink though, and it definitely came in an adorable box!

Well, I hope that you're prepared for a lot of Sleek related reviews next week!



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