Thursday, 14 July 2011

Nail tutorial: Chubby rich cats

Hey guys! It's no secret that I love cats, so it was time for some nail art including those furry friends! (Even though our kittens are driving me nuts lately, they are constantly chasing each other and knocking things over). This tutorial is also a little bit for Romy, a little while ago she asked if I could include cats in one of my nail tutorials, well of course! Below you can see what you'll need to get your own group of 'chubby rich cats' ;)

I used 'Bella's choice' from H&M as the base colour and Fatal by Essence to paint the cats (although I did use a black & white nail art striper for the ears and eyes). If you want to make it a bit more girly, you could go for a pink background with white cats as well :)

For the cat collars I used different shades of rhinestones and a couple of flatback pearls. I bought all of it on Ebay, you can find the Ebay sellers in this post if you're interested. I was going to use the pearls and rhinestones for my cellphone case but they are just way too small for that. Oh well, more bling for my nails!

It really is super simple to recreate this look, although you do need a bit of a steady hand to paint the eyes. Start with painting the body, add the ears and eyes and then you can do the fun part: add some fancy jewels! (We'll just ignore the fact that it's cheap Ebay stuff). You can give all of them the same cat collar or mix things up, whatever you like!

They are just SO cute, I almost feel like giving all of them a name :P My nails aren't very long at the moment so I was a bit worried that I wouldn't have enough space to paint the kitties, but they look fine! You definitely don't need super long nails to be able to prettify them.


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