Friday, 14 May 2010

My skin care challenge!

I don't break out that easily so I never really invested in a proper skin care routine before, besides washing my face every day and using day/night cream once in a while and a facial mask once a month (or 2...) I don't really do something extra. Skin care is important to a lot of girls though, so I slowly started to get aware of how important that little bit of extra help can be. It's better to prevent now than to cure later, and because I'm experimenting with make-up all the time I really want to help my skin out. And what might be even more important: My mum hates my dark circles :P She happily assisted me during my little search for some nice products and this is what I got (under a lot of pressure >.>):

Just a couple of products from a drug store ^^ I can't give a very detailed opinion yet but here are my first impressions:

My mum suggested this one, I really needed a hand crème because the nail polish remover I've been using lately makes my hands look pretty bleh. I got this one before the other two so I've already been using this for a couple of days and I definitely notice a difference. It makes your hands instantly softer and it gets absorbed quickly which I like (no greasy feeling hands!).

And this is the eye crème I got, I wanted to get the tube at first but that one was more expensive and didn't have that much product in it, so that's why I went for this one. It's not just for dark circles and hydrating the skin, it also helps to prevent (?) ageing and fighting those fine lines. The reviews online were positive, so I think I'll end up liking this one a lot ;)

My make-up remover can sting quite a bit, so I wanted a new one for dry/sensitive skin. This one promises to remove all make-up and dirt while hydrating the skin and it contains aloë vera to make your skin softer. It got some good reviews as well, and now that I've tried it I can understand why :) You just rub a little between your hands and add some water and then you wash your face with it. It did a pretty good job! It only left a tiny bit of eye liner behind but it removed the rest (including water proof mascara) with ease. It tingles a little bit but it definitely doesn't sting in my case :) No more scrubbing for me with those round cotton thingies!

So my challenge is trying to stick to a skin care routine from now on so that I can look back at my experiences after a couple of weeks :) I know I don't even have that much at the moment, so I don't expect any issues :P

If you want to share something about your own skin care routine, feel free to leave it below :) Even if you think 'omg what is she doing? That girl needs a scrub/toner/whatever as well!' :P You girls don't need comment approval (yet) :P


naturalnchicmakeup said...

I'm so envious of your skin. I always breakout and am sensitive to everything. Still looking for an HG skincare routine. Nothing seems to work too well right now =(

Beauty Vibes said...

naturalnchicmakeup: Yeah, it can be really frustrating to find the right products because not everything works for everyone. My skin is pretty easy, although it is very sensitive so I can't use everything either :) Those products that give a 'natural tan' for example just make me look orange :P And when I use a toner my whole face is red for a couple of days, so I think everyone has something they struggle with :)

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