Tuesday, 9 February 2010

A Valentines Day rescue team

I think almost every you tube guru out there has some sort of valentines video, so I wanted to share a few that I really liked to watch. And not just the ones about make-up, because I know a girl worries about a LOT more than how her face looks during that day...

So, in case you need help with something, here are a few videos:

QueenBeeuty made a video about the perfect dress. She kept all occasions in mind, and most dresses are really stunning.
kandeejohnson made a really nice video that shows you a quick way to get cute valentines day hair.
dulcecandy87 also made a nice 'v-day hair' tutorial, if you like the make-up in that video you can find a tutorial for that look on her channel as well.
pursebuzz made a valentines day hair tutorial too, this one is also easy to do yourself.
juicystar07 made a very cute make-up tutorial, she used pink and gold (most you tube gurus used those colours it seems) but I like what she did with her lips.
xsparkage created 2 nice valentine looks, the link is for the one I like most (and the easiest one to do yourself) but you can find the other one on her channel in case you're interested.
bubzbeauty has very nice hair tutorials on her channel, this one wasn't made for valentines day but I think it would be very cute to have your hair like that. (and it's fast and easy).
MichellePhan has a nice looking valentines look on her channel as well, it's a very romantic/cute one.

I think all of those videos will give a girl plenty of inspiration, or in case you're a bit like me, a hard time because you can't decide what to do :P



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