Thursday, 18 February 2010

Lush Ultra Bland

We don't have any Lush stores here, so besides Clinique (hate) and the Papaya bath/shower gel from the Body Shop (love) my sister also gave me some lush samples to try out. I guess you could say she's also part of the beauty community, so when she finds something interesting she likes to spread the love through me. Today I tested Ultra bland, although Lush likes to call it the ultimate cleanser. It's an oil-based cleanser suitable for all skin types, although it does contain peanut oil, so if you are allergic to that I'd skip trying this one.

The first thing I noticed was the strong smell, I heard it's supposed to smell nutty or like honey but I thought the smell was just horrible in a not very describable way. I'm not sure it's meant to be that way or if my sample is just a bad one (who knows what my sister did with it) but it was really smelling so awful that I didn't want to put it on my face. Well, after Clinique I'm already a bit against putting new stuff on my face so I decided to test it out on my hand in stead. The product is a thick cream and quite oily, so you don't want to use too much when you apply it. I used it to remove some eye-liner, lipstick and eye shadow from my hand and that went excellent, it really removes your make-up with ease. When you're done you can wipe the product off and that's it. I know that other people even use this to remove their water proof mascara's, it doesn't sting at all.

Even though I dislike the smell of it, I like how it leaves my skin soft and clean. This stuff is amazing for dry spots on your body (like the elbows). It makes everything super smooth, so even if you're like me and end up hating the smell a little, you can still use it for your body. Or perhaps I should try using this at night to moisturise my skin. The quality of the product is fine, I just wish it smelled like candy.


Naina Sethi said...

I like your blog ! you have talent :)

I write for a fashion blog and think that you should follow

Beauty Vibes said...

Thank you for the compliment :)

O Splash Cosmetics said...

I have been in the beauty business for about 10 years and I have tried many Lush products (being that I am a product creator I go into all bath stores and check them out). Lush has many wonderful products, however they say that they are all natural but if you read through the ingredients they use a lot parabens and other chemicals.

I myself have used the Ultrabland Cleanser, being a Skin Therapist and esthetician I would recommend staying away from any "cleanser" that is oil based - especially peanut oil - that is what my mom fries our Thanksgiving turkey in.

Sidenote: I am really enjoying your blog.

Brittany Michelle
Creator O Splash - Cosmetics for your shower

Beauty Vibes said...

O Splash Cosmetics: Thank you for sharing your knowledge and visiting my blog! I'm looking forward to the moment your line launches, I love bath and body care products and when I read yours are handmade and all natural I became VERY interested. Can't wait till may! :)


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